Now That is Funny (Nonfiction)



A week after I was here and kind of settled to the temperature dip of 33 degrees from Mumbai to Basel, I decided to get a nice change of hairstyle to pep me up, what I call as being “Chamko”. After a super session and a happy me stepped out more confident and good looking than before, I hopped in the tram. Just a few stops later is the Novartis HQ. A group of 4 men and a woman, an American, let us call him John Doe, an American Desi {that’s what I call people of our origin who have settled for years in the big Apple},  – Krishnakant Gopalachary – rechristened as Kris in the U.S of A, 2 Indians – typical – Anil and Sunil, first time onsite project and a Chinese woman – So Su Mi who made me proud for my height, got in and this is what happened.

First the yappy So Su Mi hops in and lands her tiny tooh next to me. Next in John Doe with a gait of I own the world gets in with Kris and lastly Anil and Sunil both looking down enter.

So Su Mi in her shrill voice that pierced my ear and reached the tram driver, “Give me the bags….I can hold the bags.”

No one responded, John smiled at her while Kris greeted the others around mutedly just to gel in the Europeans too, Anil and Sunil stared at me thinking, desi hai with a Burberry scarf and a Channel bag, wah!!

John in his Uncle Sam voice, “Hey Kris….where are we getting down, is it the same place by the river…ah forgot the name”…tries to give a thought.

John’s voice echoed as the uptight Swiss people not used to the US and India decibels raised their eye brows.

So Su Me added, “No it was a café you are talking about.” No one heeded.

Kris adjusting his tie (in sub 0 temperature the dude was just in his suit), “ah that…oh I know it all, it’s just here after the next two stops.” His accent gave me goosebumps so did Anil and Sunil’s stares.

“What is it that we had last year at that place? Ahhh the cheese dish, was awesome!” the man with the power spoke again.

“Raclette!” the shrill voice got ignored again.

“Flammkuchen…” the man who will make a difference someday spoke.

The chances of Anil and Sunil’s next designation rise was directly proportional to their silence or so it seemed.

And the last stop announced, “Kleinhüningen”

I picked my booty and turned to the shrill voice, “hey you have got in right tram but opposite direction, get down at Marktplatz and the restaurant is Movenpick….don’t forget to try the fondue….the Swiss cheese specialty of winters. 🙂


We all meet people, see things in our daily life….I interpreted a very mundane scenario my way. Hope you like it….a slice of my life 🙂


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