Perfect V-Day Dress – My Cheat Sheet

The second in the series of my Valentine cheat sheet is FOCUS. The first was to choose a gift to flatter him 🙂 If you missed the first read it here. So my advice is to Focus on yourself. The gift is awesome and the gift giver needs to be ravishing too. A five point guide to get you ravishing..

  1. Head to the spa: if you are a mommy whose world revolves around her babies, a busy homemaker who wants the home to perfection or a workaholic woman like me who hits a bad hair day every Thursday hit the spa. Get pampered and feel good.
  2. That perfect Valentine dress: Surprise him! Choose something that will sweep him off his feet. Wear what comforts you but my advice is break the mundane for the day. He sees you in black most times then choose red or hot pink, get it right 🙂


Vday dress


3. What lies Beneath: Dump the regulars for this day in the closet and buy some sexy, seducing Victoria’s Secret for the day. If you haven’t tried it take my advice….Try a sexy lingerie and see how it boosts your oomph and confidence 🙂 I know you already dreaming of the effect on him 🙂

4. The Accessories: My advice – keep the jewelry minimum, a nice clutch, cool shoes (I prefer wedges) and an amazing (read not strong) perfume (Aqua di parma Rosa or CoCo Channel black).Evening-Dresses-Gowns-For-Winter-11

  1. Makeup: I chose to put this as a separate point as it needs emphasis. Keep it simple, enhance the eyes and lips (red or hot pink).

Nothing can go wrong guaranteed 🙂 It’s about us after all! And to continue Walking his talk I leave with another quote from this techie girl 🙂


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