My perfect Valentine Cheat Sheet

This is a series of all you women out there who want to get it right the first time. Walk the talk is my advice this season. Speak the right buzz words he uses and nail it just there πŸ˜‰

So brace yourself as in the next three days you will be ready to woo him this Valentine. The first among the series is buying him the right gift. While we the soft heart damsels are easy to sway with 101 red roses the other side isn’t that easy. Be Proactive! My top 5 picks for him this season would be

  1. Multicharger (budget buy) USD 33multicharger
  2. Fitbit Surge USD 199 (mid-budget buy)


  1. The Bose noise cancellation headphones USD 299 (bit expensive)


  1. Dji phantom 3 – USD 496 (expensive)Β Dji phantom2
  2. A sexy DSLR USD 796 (blow it all, win his heart)


Remember I said walk their talk? The post is deliberately kept short…when was it that they spoke that much huh J Put in a dash of us by wrapping it in an attractive cover J

Leave you with a cheesy techie quote, use it on him and see the reaction.

Note: this is not a commercial or marketing post πŸ™‚

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