Daytrip to Colmar (France)

It was a week of gloomy weather and constant rain after which a Sunny Saturday was a welcome change. I hopped into my car and drove to the nearby medieval town of Colmar. It temperature was amazing at 30 degrees what more could I ask for. It’s 65 kms from Basel (Switzerland) a quick hour drive and I reached in
no time. The sky was shining which lured me to click all of what I could capture. 
Colmar is the third largest commune of the Alsace region in the north-eastern France. The town is situated along the Alsatian Wine Route and considers itself to be the ‘capital of Alsatian wine’. The city is renowned for its well preserved old time, its numerous architectural landmarks and its museums. The houses are made of wood or bricks. 
Without much ado I leave you with my clicks. 
Nature at its best

Nature at its best


On my way to Colmar
The cafeterias
The bylanes
The church
I got a couple, which one did you like
The cacti
Outside the museum
All balconies and windows were beautiful
The sound of music – the instrument is Alphorn

Like the didgeridoo, the Indian bamboo or wooden trumpet
and the African horn, the alphorn is one of the original wooden wind instruments. The alphorn in Switzerland was first documented in the mid-16th 
century by natural scientist Conrad Gesner.

Some entertainment
United we stand
Yes I understood the directions
Walking by the city
The bylanes
The sun lit sky
Watching the vineyards while driving
On the way
The windows decorated
The timber houses
A larger view of the museum
The museum
The city side
The farmers houses (wine growers)
The drive
The vineyards
Pastures with beautiful sky over
Way back home

Information on Colmar – Wikipedia Pictures – Shweta Dave 
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