Twilight 2012!

It’s the dusk of 2012 and thought of taking a stock of how I fared through it. This definitely was not the toughest year for me however if I got to summarize it in one word it’s just SURVIVED!!
Every eye on the planet was on this year as the earth was to end however GOD too is great at cinematography and gave a dramatic climax by keeping us on the edge the whole year just to say, ‘it isn’t happening this year man!’ May be he is planning a sequel J

For me the year was a year of experiments. I was in a new land through the year and all through the year I just heard my heart telling my mind, ‘take it in your stride, there’s always a first time.’ So much so that I started dreading first times and longed for a routine.
This was also full of people, again most of them I met ‘first time’. I truly believe small minds discuss people but this calls for a discussion.
I met people whose sole existence was to demean, belittle which rose from insecurity or some vested interest. On the other hand I also met people whom I referred to as the nicest I have met in life, people who believed it’s important to be nice, be human. Such people whom you want to be around for life as they have positivity around them. Well another category was straight talkers. I am an on the face person and expect transparency. I agree it has its own negatives, but it’s better than the untrustworthy sweet talkers. I met some who just had one agenda – how can I use a person to my advantage. I made some good friends who knew how to make merry on a sad day, who stood by without being judgmental. All in all a mixed bag which is quite the case with everyone.
My profit and loss for this year would culminate in the balance sheet contributing to life. I lost my dearest granpa. At 97, he was so positive. He taught me to be compassionate and to be giving. This loss is irreplaceable. Another loss was on May 3rd, no words or expressions for this one.

During the year I changed myself at times; I changed my conduct with a disapproval of my heart just to suit situations and circumstances. But this change was inevitable, it shook me but I couldn’t avoid it. In return I gained faith, faith with every heartbeat which said this too shall pass. One major advantage was I met with some of the very experienced professionals and leveraged some best practices to add to my career.

Though the year was tilted more on loss, I am glad for two things, one that I am much wiser than the start of the year. I gained from all the experiences I had this year and promise myself not to err again on the ones I did. Second thing that makes me glad is the year is overJ. This year was as enriching as it was enthralling.  
I look forward to a great 2013, with all enthusiasm, positivity and energy to take on the challenges that life has to offer.
Adios and see you in the New Year!
Will leave you with this nazm by the immortal Jagjit Singhji, it truly portrays survival.
कभी आँसूं कभी खुशी बेचीं 
हम  गरीबों ने बेकसी (loneliness) बेचीं।
 चन सासें खरीदने केलिए 
रोज़ थोड़ी सी ज़िन्दगी बेचीं।
जब  रुलाने लगे मुझे साये 
मैंने उक्ताके (after getting tired) रौशनी बेचीं। 
इक हम थे बिक गए खुद ही 
वर्ना दुनिया ने दोस्ती बेचीं।
कभी आँसूं कभी खुशी बेचीं 
हम  गरीबों ने बेकसी बेचीं।

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