Soulmate – the weaker link!

India is a land of emotions, a land of love and hearts. So Indians have two hearts is it? Think about it…I can ask again…Indians have two hearts is it?

Well most of us do! The one heart that belongs to our parents, let’s call it PHeart (Parentsheart) and our society at large and second let’s call it MHeart (myheart) which is quiet dormant early stages of our life awakens much later or sometimes we put that to sleep forever.


Abhimanyu gets married to Sushila because his heart says so! Which heart? PHeart. The marriage gets consummated and in a year the PHeart is pressurized to complete the family with a child! So bingo another 9 months and baby arrives! The drudgeries of a daily survival start and life goes on!

In another world successful writer Ananya succumbs to PHeart and marries Dr. Krishna at a tender age, who Ananya ofcourse! The marriage tries to consummate but in vain. Busy worlds, busy people…STRESS….life continues!

All is well till Abhimanyu’s stars collide Ananya’s path. They meet fall for each other head over heels. Realising they are made for each other. The passion reaches its zenith where living without each other for a day becomes impossible. The Mheart awakens for both of them but it’s too late. Restlessness continues and starts affecting lives!  Can they live together? Will they have to give up on each other? Both realise they are not in love with their legal life partners…

Ananya and Abhimanyu are soulmates do they not have a right to be together?


Definition of soulmate: a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.”


Writer Richard Bach defines soulmate as “A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are.”

A soulmate for me is the person who heals you, fulfills you like no other can and is the piece of that jigsaw that completes you to be whole.

Where does this anyway say that they could be or should be together?

A legal life partner may be a supporter but no matter what they try or do they would still lack the ability to lift you like your soulmate would.

What did Abhimanyu choose to do, the social ecosystem in India puts so much pressure on Mheart that they would prefer to let go then hold and fight the world. Who wants to disturb the settled status, perhaps isn’t divorce a taboo?

Since the relationship with a soulmate is a weaker link, I say a weaker link as it does not have a legal binding, a social recognition or any status that makes it more genuine, it’s easier to break the weaker link.

Who is at a loss?

Mheart: Please hear me, get me out of here, I want to breathe!

The walls are too thick and high for any voice to be heard outside, till it suffocates and gives up!

While I put my strong points here, my only message is, don’t plunge, and take your time! She is waiting with her cues match yours patiently, it may take time but it will happen! For more help, here it is

Cues to a soulmate

·         It’s passionate: It’s extreme both in good and bad times. In good times you want that intensity to always exist and in bad times the intensity works to solve the problem quickly and bring it back to normalcy!

·         “You stole my words”: You may say it’s natural and can happen with anyone. But if the thoughts and words are blurted together all the time with your love, it’s a sure sign of a soulmate.

·         Harder to break in trying times: every relation will be a roller coaster, but in downs if you time and again don’t want to break free but want to mend it, where you don’t want to give up mutually then you have your soulmate.

·         Feeling of oneness: Where you two feel one and are ready to face the world for good and trying times.

·         You can’t imagine your life without him/her: Without her you feel as if you are a lone ranger! When the feeling of belongingness grabs you!

·         Constant thinking of the other’s happiness: where all you do and want to do is think of how can you make the other happy.

·         When you feel safe and protected: A person, who will secure your insecurities, be it a man or a woman will make you feel safe and protected is a sign of a soulmate!

·         It is beyond love:Now this one is a caveat that not all will agree but I feel that your soulmate will meet you each life time and you will also realize that this is it! In what role she/he meets is a different deal! But it is beyond the mortal world and you will know!

Well, all I can say listen to your Mheart before your Pheart takes over! And if you come across your soulmate don’t give in you may have to wait a lifetime!
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