Unconditional relations do exist!

I don’t remember a single time that my mom forgets to shower her blessings on me when I call. Her blessings start with may I have good health, get what I desire and be happy always, but one thing that is added to this is I be strong and practical. And there is no time for these coming in, I’m in bus and I call, the blessings are there, I am eating and I call they are ready, I get up in the morning and call and they are with me.  So coming to the “new kid on the block blessing” of me being strong and practical, I asked her and she in her chirpy tone (my mom is just 16 years older to me J) said, you know Sweety, the way you are sensitive and emotional – I added this to the list to all time remind you that be strong and practical in all walks of life, not because that would change anything in you but all relations are such now that they require a practical approach.

In my head I agreed with her completely and responded, “Ma, one relation is totally unconditional and never for a purpose.” She smiled; I could feel it on the phone.

Love you ma.

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