Eternal Embrace!


The henna applied hand moved fervently searching the bed
The face hid under the sheet, and palm moved on the bed creases

She couldn’t find him, her heart raced
The sunrays beamed on her glowing face as she peeped out of the sheet

She scanned the room with a quick glance and trembling hands….
Picking up the sheet wrapped around she dragged out of the bed
“Rohan”….she bequeathed her voice to the room…
Her eyes fell on the large mirror that adorned one corner of the room
She felt the deep red mark on her neck with her fingers
She smiled at the miniscule vermillion that spread on her forehead
The reverie instantly broke with the realisation of his absence
Each second passed like a lifetime…she clenched the wrapped sheet
Tears welled, thoughts rushing, her heart playing the angel and the devil
The sound of the door opening ameliorated her
She turned; the tear just left her eyes, passing down her cheek
He stood there, with a bunch of her favourite yellow lilies in his hand
He placed them on the entrance table as she stormed towards him
She left the wrapped sheet on the way and rose to her feet and hugged hard
He said nothing just embraced her with all might knowing her state
“I love you, Ananya! Ananya I love you!”


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