Love’s Ultimate Test!

An unknown relation, the names unknown,

Who are they but two people in flesh and bone.
What makes them different is just their love,
Of sacrifices and give ups they make thereof.
They take up a journey & travel miles virtual,
Life after that is far from usual.
Their eyes closed they feel the others hand,
Zenith of Passion, one of its kind.
Then as time passes, the names come up,
The changes and the differences then erupt.
We then becomes you and me,
The souls’ ignited lovers are no longer at peace.
That’s the true test to drown or be afloat,
They live or survive in this love boat.
Most of them think the world too big in this short life,
But the true ones just want to strive.
They never let go and be relentless,
Their life doesn’t exist loveless.
That’s when it brings back all assurance,
Of life’s and love’s reoccurrence!

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