A-Z Challenge – S – Spooky


I couldn’t have been more excited the minute I saw my school from the bus window pass by me, the same banyan tree, the well near it and three swings, well it had been 8 long years after which I was coming to my hometown.

I got down and saw a familiar face, “Pradeep!” I blurted as he gave an incomplete smile and nodded, “You look the same” and I continued blabbering till we walked together a 100 meters and I hopped on an auto waving him a see you.

The auto driver gave me a puzzled look while I myself looked puzzled when I couldn’t see Pradeep in the rare mirror of the auto.

After a relaxed meal back home “Guess whom I met the first thing I alighted the bus, Pradeep.” Ma, Pa and brother gave me a shocking look, “Yeh, Pradeep Thampy, damn he looks the same since school.”

“Pradeep hung himself last night on a tree near the bus stop over a failed love affair, since then he has spooked and walked with a lot of people till the auto stand.” I froze realizing now why he spoke no word and instantly vanished as I hopped in the auto.


“You are getting lazy” he spoke as he yawned. “Who me?” I raised my eyebrows finishing most work at office quite efficiently. “Ok, whats for S?” he stretched and questioned. “Sleepy?” I said…”No, just got up.” “No that is the S word.” I spoke attentively “I thought as much, sleepy isn’t an emotion.” Another yawn coming it’s way, “I decided we will write on Spooky” I announced.

That’s what happens when you decide to write together….mood swings, waiting to throw my tantrum now…Now if Shashank remembers the word as spooky then read the post here.

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