The Two Incomplete Halves.

She was
feeling everyone stare at her as she walked into the canteen to have tea.

“Do you
see her bob cut hair?” Shilpa whispered.

where’s her cigarette, didn’t see her pack since morning.” Viral added.

“That’s what
rehabs do, don’t they? They get you rid of certain habits.” Shilpa chuckled
Avoiding all the talk Ananya darted her way to the
farthest table of the canteen. She looked at her watch, it was just 16.00, two
more hours to go and she can avoid all talk and leave office, she thought to herself.
Ananya felt utterly disconcerted.

Just a table away, “Look Ananya is back, wo…she
looks different.”

“Yeah, she looks hotter with the new look.”

“No I mean, looks like her rehab rumor and 3 month sabbatical
sounds real now.”

“Wasn’t she involved with that tall guy?”

“Of course she was, in fact he left her I hear.”

“Anyway she is not worth it, sad, depressed.”

In trepidation Ananya grabbed her tea cup with both
hands and closed her eyes squeezing the cup hard trying to meditate and count
from 10 to 1 as the therapist had instructed in case she felt anxious and needed
to avoid negative thoughts.


 “Why can’t
we be together Ananya?


“My parents would never agree to me marrying a non-Brahmin,


“We love each other, tell your parents nothing can
come between us.”


“Why don’t you understand, my parents have told me
to be away and not talk to you.”


“Tell those pricks, enough is enough. Stop getting
emotionally blackmailed. Or else I will lose it.”


“Why lose it Rohan, don’t say a word to my parents


“They are, in fact they are the worst parents
anyone can have, and they don’t understand your wishes. I will show them what I
am; they need to be taught a lesson.”


“Stttoppp ittt Rohaaan, yooou starttted agaaiin.
Mmmy parrrentsss arree aaall I hhave; theeey hhhave ddd..done eeeverything
me. D..D..Don’t you abussse th..them.”


“Ananya, I have lost it. Listen I don’t want a
thing from you. Just get lost you stammering b**** and ask your parents too.
You don’t deserve me. You are nothing but an incomplete sick stammering woman. I
leave you now.”





Ananya slammed a tight slap on his face as she
opened her eyes in rage. She was pulled back to reality. He stood there holding
his red cheek, tears welled up.

“The…teaaa..wwasss …spilllinnngg…ittt..woulldd……you.
Sooo..ii thougghhtt …buutt you..”

“Yooou staaammmer? Whattt’s youuur n…name?” Ananya
asked looking straight into his eyes.


Ananya’s anxiety melted in a second. She had met
someone who was like her, a mirror image.

“D..D…D..Do yyou want tea?” The conversation had
just begun between the two incomplete halves.

 Note: Neither Ananya nor Anupam with their stammering were never incomplete, incomplete were those who could not understand them.

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