The Infinite Wait

„Are you upset at me, again? “ Ananya asked lovingly.

“Look, Anupam, I don’t like to be late on purpose you know
that. Now stop looking at me like that with a sullen face please.” She said
pushing the bunch of yellow lilies towards him.

One of the lilies moved with the breeze and touched his
face. She picked it, kissed it and kept it back again.

He always called her in this garden when the world would
want to meet for movies, coffee or restaurants. She felt it was their time
together where she could always talk at length, free without being nudged by

“Did I tell you about my dream…of course it was our dream?”
He remained silent looking at her radiant face and a strand of hair constantly
flowing from her cheek and getting stuck to her lips as she spoke. As the zephyr
played with her hair, she pulled the strand and neatly tucked it behind her ear
and it playfully flew on her cheek again. She let it be.

Anupam looked affectionately,
this dream came in as a harbinger
of the same story she repeated every time they met.

She started,” We
were sitting in this same park, talking sweet nothings to each other. Planning
the way we would want our parents to know about us. You did suggest you being
the only child of your parents; they should come and talk to mine.”

A ball came and
hit Anupam’s leg. Ananya playfully picked it up and threw it towards the child
and continued. “My brother came and asked me to reach home urgently as Ma had
fallen off the stairs. You immediately asked me to rush and promised me to come
back and meet you in this park.”

“Anupam, since
that day I have been coming here to meet you and ask you what happened and you
have just chosen to not respond.”

He said nothing
and sat in deadening stillness.

She too sat there
in silence, whining and coaxing to get an answer but in vain. The ingénue Ananya
as always picked up the flowers left it near him and left with a promise to
meet the next day.
मज़ार  -ए -कैस पर जब रूहे लैला इक दिन आयी 
तोह अरमानों के मुरझाए कुछ फूल भी लायी 
लगी जब फूल वह रखने तोह कब्र से आवाज़ आयी 
चढ़ाना फूल जानेमन मगर आहिस्ता आहिस्ता। 

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