Beyond Mortal!


He asked her “Ananya, What are we?”

You are the Sun and I the Earth moving around you.
Your rage burns me but without you nothing blooms on me too.

He asked her “Where do we belong?”

We belong beyond time and this world,
When lovers like us are born, they cannot belong anywhere but to each other!

What is our path?
There is no path, no destiny, no end, and no start. It’s just a journey of two inseparable souls.
Where do we unite?
Unison in this world is temporary, we unite when I look at you, we unite when you touch me, and in all gestures of love we unite beyond mortals.
Would we stay?
She smiled, teary eyed, can the wave stop coming back to the shore?
Every time I search you, look for you and call you and every time you say, when did I ever go, my hand is still in yours Ananya…we stay!

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  1. February 12, 2015

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