Tactical v/s Strategic: My perspective

Off late I have been often hearing and using myself the words tactical and strategic. After giving a deeper thought I felt revisiting the two and providing my flavor to the same.

Before I share my perspective lets understand the widely accepted view on these.
Tactical meaning: of or relating to tactics: as (1): of or relating to small-scale actions serving a larger purpose (2): made or carried out with only a limited or immediate end in view.

Strategic: Strategy [1]) is a general, undetailed plan of action, encompassing a long period of time, to achieve a complicated goal.

Considering dictionary meaning, the common understanding is
1) Tactical is short-term and Strategic is long-term, or…
2) Tactical is small and Strategic is big, or…
3) Tactical is kludgy and Strategic is high-quality
Well now that we understand the widely accepted meaning, I can draw an analogy which I call my perspective. The part of the world that I belong, we are known for our rich culture and customs. There are lot of rituals and ceremonies before a couple enters a social institution of marriage. One of the customs is that the couple exchange rings more popularly known as engagement. This last 6 to 12 months before the couple takes vows to be together for life.
I know your thought is what’s the   analogy? Well ancestors who designed this ‘architecture’ were the best in their job. The analogy is that engagement which is more of a tactical option gives the couple a chance to relate to small-scale actions serving a larger purpose J.  Marriage where the couple is tied with no escape is more of a strategic solution and as the meaning puts undetailed plan of action, encompassing a long period of time, to achieve a complicated goal, the complicated goal here I assume is the ‘and they lived happily ever after J’ Till the time marriage isn’t announced the couple can think if they would like to go strategic, once gone strategic there is no looking back.
Now that most of you may agree with the analogy, I would like to end this with what a friend shared a few days ago. When I was casually discussing the tactical vs. strategic he gave me a very good example of a tactical mistake vs. a strategic blunder. Post the strategic implementation of your plan of marriage if a man gifts his wife a present which she doesn’t like it’s a tactical mistake while if he altogether forgets her birthday it’s a strategic blunder. 
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