Pre-Prem, Post-Prem……Real Prem??
(*prem is a Sanskrit word meaning love)
Telephone, cell phone, going mobile or being virtual has made the world such a small place……you reckon? I don’t.
30 CHF or 150 INR – 1 GB internet, 90 minutes and unlimited text messages free!!!!!! We have divided our love based on the cell phone scheme we have whether its prepaid or postpaid. Pre-paid scheme more text messages and less talk (messages are free you see). So you text your boyfriend all the time and mom who has failed to keep herself abreast with the short text language gets the few minutes if calling is free. Post-paid schemes….night calling at half rates!!! I haven’t got a better scheme yet dude. I can talk late nights with him and my family doesn’t stay awake late so I can spend the few minutes on high rate day calling on them. When was the last time you saw a self-written post card sent or received from your loved one? Missing the personal touch eh, the thought that he would have touched the same card that you are holding now or smelling his fragrance from the card reminding you of the intimacy you shared….fast forward, get to today’s world…what card…the e card?
The world really has got closer, you need not visit your relatives as you have video calling. You are glued to your laptop when working, blackberry to receive and send emails with zero time lapses and of course the Xbox….you need to unwind after a day’s work. Asking my dad on what would he do after his office and he would get the glitter in his eyes and say all the friends would meet below the apartment daily post dinner and chitchat, share happy and sad moments and advice each other. Over weekends it was cricket at the local street and all would look forward to it as the losing team would treat the winning one. What life man!!! And here I am spending on all the expensive gadgets to keep myself busy and still get depressed at the end of the week.
Now talking of the more advanced world …..Our self-made ecosystem…..our virtual world, the face books and messengers of the world. The good part is you get in touch with those whom you thought would never meet you in life, you also meet those whom you choose to be friends with without the boundaries of appearance and status.
But I want to draw your attention to the funnier side of being virtual and what I think when I read these……
LOL(laugh out loud) – when was the time you even laughed forget being loud…..i heard you have joined the laugh club where in each morning you go to a garden and pretend to laugh till your intestines blast….
ROFL (Roll on the floor and laugh)……I really want to see you do that….that would ensure I LOLJ
AFAIC or AFAICT – (As far as I am concerned/tell)….i could type the words faster than the acronym
AFB – (Away from brain)….when were you last thereJ
I can leave you thinking with the rest AISB, AMF, AWS and AYT……
Well not being too sarcastic and I agree we don’t have a lot of personal time, I wouldn’t even deny that our gen guys have more competition at work, put in longer hours, have complex business situations to deal with but given a deeper thought I believe and agree that people who think life is bigger than family or job or yourself am sure will give you a different perspective. I would leave you with this thought that we all have been given the same gift called “life” and differences in life between two individuals are a result of the choices he makes. So if I make a choice that I want to live my life to the fullest without pulling restrictive goals of managing a company, making babies, owning property or doing charity…I would still be happy. For me…it’s a journey…full of surprises and knowing myself better and thus Life’s Like That!!!!
PS- The next time you want to speak to a friend who is closer…just walk over to him don’t get to digital emotions. 

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