Z is Zealous – Love is not my need


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“Oh my, Rohan!” I arched my back as he moved to my other breast. His fingers gliding inside me, pleasuring me simultaneously, his mouth relishing my breasts with great attention. His thumb rubbed around a sweet spot as the pleasure built in. I was close. I felt an urge subside as the passion built in ready to explode. I felt every cell scream with pleasure as he fanatically moved his fingers back and forth. I yelled in rapture and begged him to stop. I came, every pore on my body erupt every muscle taut. It was uncontrollable…well almost.


“You are mine Ananya.” I groaned driving further with force. I turned her voluptuous body around for her to be on all fours. I yanked her legs apart and ran my palm over her back until I reached her fuller ass. I spanked her as she moaned grabbing a fitful of her hair. My manhood throbbed against her butt, rubbing hard. I drove in with full force taking her all in/ I spanked her yet again grunting with pleasure. The tighter she got the bigger my girth became. I moved with quicker strokes getting closer to my climax. Another shattering moan was music to my ears; she was quite an instrument to play in bed. I increased the intensity and exploded when our eyes met in the mirror. “I love you Ananya.” That was my closure.

“Love isn’t always easy and simple. It can be a crooked journey with a low of bumps; it can be grimy and painful.” I said, “It is still every worth the plunge, doesn’t mean it isn’t the most beautiful thing. Doesn’t mean I am not crazy about you.”


Hope you enjoyed the series

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