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Mohit’s face paled seeing me, “What do you want?”

“I want to speak with Ani.” My fists tightened, but I composed myself and reminded myself for the purpose I was here.

Mohit stepped ahead and blocked the way, “We are a little busy right now and she doesn’t want to see you.” He stretched his hands blocking the door.

My patience was wearing out and I had no intention of creating a scene. My tall frame could not see Ananya inside the studio apartment. I pushed past him and walked straight in.

“Ani.” I called out. There was no answer. I looked into the other corner, she was nowhere in sight. Just then a message beeped,

Maya: Good you’ve come to senses before it is late. Ananya is at her mother’s, will stay there till the weekend.”

I smiled reading the message and tapped Mohit’s head before sprinting out of the house.

Reaching Ananya’s mother’s house was longer than the flight time, but that also gave me time to structure my words and put up a convincing apology. I rang the bell and expected to greet Ananya with a smile.

“Yes, how may I help you?” Ananya’s mother unexpectedly opened the door. She took once glance at me and pulled the door behind her.

“Are you Rohan?” Thinking she did be angry with me, I looked down, “Yes”

“How dare you cause this pain to my daughter?” He wasn’t loud but her being upset was justified.

“I am sorry, maam” I spoke apologetically.

“What are you here for?” she spoke in a hushed tone.

“To make things right.”

“Do you promise to never hurt her again?” she said breaking a smile.

“Yes I do.” I tried to look at her as she opened the door.

“She is in the backyard on the swing.”

The long passage that led to the backyard was dark in comparison to the brightness Ananya was sitting in. I stood there in the passage hands crossed to my chest, watching her. She was sitting on the swing her back facing me, her hair straight just above her back, her back beautifully curvy and her fingers wrapped around the swing. I wanted to hold her, hug her and make her mine.

I quietly tip toed towards her but she sensed it and turned. I stopped in my tracks so that I wouldn’t startle her and spoke softly, “Hey.”

She let out a deep breath blinking rapidly at my unexpected entry.

I took a hesitant step closer, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you Ani.”

“Rohan? What are you doing here?”

“Your mother allowed me in, I came to talk to you Ani.”

Her expression of excitement changed to a grave face in a moment.

“I tried to message you and you didn’t want to talk then. Now what?”

I pursed my lips looking at the ground before speaking again, “I have been a jerk Ani, I shouldn’t have avoided you. I had my reasons but I should have at least spoken to you about it.” I had rehearsed this several times but her aura and knowing that she was pissed just blanked me completely.

“I heard Mohit was out of jail, so…” I was ruining all of it clearly.

“So you thought I did ran into his arms and intensely fuck him?” she was visibly angry. It was just short of being violent.

Yet she looked so beautiful. The strand of hair that the breeze kept playing with and her tongue that occasionally strolled her lip, her eyes that were blinking more than usual having the emotions in full display. In that moment I realized I was so much in love with her. I was in loss of words because of the situation in a lethal combination of her beauty.

“What are you smiling at?” she brought be back to reality.

I moved closer just at breath distance and looked into her eyes, “You are so beautiful, Ananya.”

“And you are absolutely useless.” Her face softened a little as I smiled.

I gathered courage to move closer trapping her between the swing and me. Instantly I cupped her face and placed my lips on hers. I missed your smell, princess.”

“I missed you too.” She kissed back.

She missed her step as the swing swayed and I secured her in my arms and lifted her to kiss more. Our tongues tangled as he hands wrapped my neck and mine around her waist.

“No, put me down.” She broke the kiss, “you hurt me so much, Rohan.”

I put her on her feet and held her head to kiss her forehead. “I know princess, I am so sorry. I didn’t have the courage and felt I did pain you more with being with you. I thus distanced myself from you.”

“I don’t understand you, Rohan.”

“We need to talk.” I held her hand. She sat on the swing as I settled on the ground placing my arms on her lap.

“My maternal grandpa died of a disease of an unknown origin. His nervous system collapsed and no one knew what caused it. When ma got her first seizure, I was barely ten. I cannot get over her scared face when I saw her come back from the diagnostic clinic. It was not until 15 when I understood that she was suffering from a rare genetic disorder called Marfan syndrome. Unlike my grandpa, whose nervous system collapsed, my ma had multiple organ failure. I know you know some of this.” I paused to look at her.

Ananya squeezed my hand, “I am listening, Rohan.”

I continued, “She was in pain all the time. I cannot still forget the day when my high school results were out and I ran home to show her my distinctive grades to find her cold body lay lifeless on bed. I was just seventeen then. She had left a note; she unable to bare the pain and is thus giving up. A fear gripped me that I was to someday face the same fate and was thus determined to not let anyone close enough to leave them in pain all their lives.”

Tears rolled down Ani’s face, “I am so sorry, Rohan. I never knew you were fighting a battle within.”

“Thank you.” I looked down not wanting to show Ani the tears that built in my eyes.

“It is hereditary?” she asked.

“Yes, there is a chance that I may end up with the syndrome. That is the reason I get myself checked every six months. Till now there have been no signs whatsoever.”

Rohan wrapped his body around me, the warmth of his chest felt good to my cold body. He held me for a long time, kissing my forehead, silently stroking my hair.

After sometime I spoke, “How did you meet Mohit?”

“I went to your apartment straight from the airport. He is the biggest asshole I have ever come across. He tried to make me thing you both are together. It was Maya who messaged at the right time to clear the air.”

“He came home and said he didn’t have a roof and was out on bail. I didn’t want to be in the same house so came here.” Ani spoke innocently.

We sat quietly for a while after that rocking in each other’s arms.

“Okay Ani, I’ll go home and crash have been up since last evening.”

“You can stay here with us, Rohan.”

“I am way too scared of your mother; I would not sleep a wink.” I snickered. “And more so, I plan to kidnap you to my place for a passionate rendezvous.”

“There are many to come Rohan Raheja, patience.” Ananya kissed my cheek.

The drive back home was the most relaxing. I felt lighter not having to keep Ananya in the dark and yet have her in my life. After all she was the woman I did always yearn to be with. And her Love was indeed my need.


To Be Continued Tomorrow…

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