V is Venom – Love is not my need


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I slowly moved up and down measuring my thrusts like a pendulum. I steadies my breath my heartbeat in perfect rhythm of my strokes, the pressure built in the same when I did counted the final seconds while doing a plank. When the final 10 seconds left, I bent forward increasing my speed, my hair falling all over his face. Rohan wrapped his arms around my waist groaning loud pulling be deeper on him moving faster.

“Five, four….” He said in my ear.

“I slowed my pace as my heartbeat accelerated.

“Three….two…” he grunted pulling me down on him as he dug deeper reaching my depths.

I threw my head back my palms flat on his chest. Every cell in my body burst as my back arched and I took his name, “Rohan!” as I closed my eyes, “One.” I screamed and collapsed on his chest.

Our nights for the past two months had been passionate and spicy to say the least. It was a ride I was thankful I had taken along with Rohan.

“How was it princess.” He had a habit of asking me every time we did it.

“You tell me this time Rohan, how was it.” I proudly said grabbing a bottle and resting my back on the pillow next to him.

“The thing is, I have to prep and be nervous everytime and you Ananya, and you don’t even have to try.” Rohan was lying through his teeth. He was a pro and he knew that, he did be rough at times and sensuous, he did tie my hands and run a feather until I screamed in orgasm. He was a liar albeit a handsome one.

“What should we do for Maya’s celebration?” Maya’s pregnancy was the happiest thing I had heard and I was so excited to make it special when she would be in Bangalore.

“Oh! I wouldn’t be there when Maya will be in Bangalore.” He sat up wearing his boxers.

“No worries, you can meet her over the weekend then.”

“I am leaving for Delhi on Thursday, Ananya. The project is complete and two months as over.” He said casually pulling his denim on.

His unpretentious approach at this came in the face and stung me. I made some excuse and left his apartment. The drive back wasn’t easy. A zillion thoughts crossed my mind, not wanting anything but sex was my ask why was it hurting me now? Was it that easy for him or was I nothing more than a fuck buddy to him?

Next few days I did not message Rohan in anticipation that he would get in touch. He didn’t. I was yet to come to terms that whom I had fallen for was treating this nothing more than a joyride. I had decided to end on a cordial note as we shared common friends. I did planned to leave a text message something on the lines of ‘Thanks, it’s been fun. See you around.’ It was Wednesday evening as I was packing to go at my mother’s place when the doorbell rang. I hurriedly open the door expecting a courier. Seeing Rohan a number of emotions crept up from sad to angry to hope to love.

I turned back to the open door not looking at him and continued packing. “Where are you up to, princess.” He said sitting on the couch.

“Going to my mothers.” I continued not looking at him.

He waited for a while till I looked at him, our gaze met and he smiled. His smile further angered me, he looked so much at peace in contrast to the storm brewing inside me.

“Can we just agree we were nothing but fuck buddies and the ride is done.” I lashed out.

His smile receded, “Ananya.”

“Seriously, we are done. If you are here for a last fuck, I can do that and you can leave.”

Rohan’s eyes fell to the ground and I could hear his breath, he looked up at me with pain in his eyes, “I can never hurt you, Ani.”

My tongue was unstoppable, “oh yeah? If you think this was just about sex, Rohan, it wasn’t. You wouldn’t go out of your way to get me my apartment or get me rid of Mohit if it was just fucking. And I feel horrible thinking that you want to end it thinking it was just that.”

Rohan got up from the couch and paced the living room, “yes, you are right. We were always more but that cannot change that I need to end this.”

I could not fathom the damage those words did to me. His words felt like venom rushed in my veins. I stormed to the door and opened it gesturing him to leave.

“I am sorry Ani.” He said before leaving.

I fell to my knees and whimpered in pain. I had not shed a tear when I knew the truth about Mohit nor did it pain me so much when he chose to take my investments and apartment in his name. Somewhere I knew Mohit was not the man for me. However, it was the deepest sorrow to meet someone you know is right for you and he chooses to leave you without a reason when he feels the same for you.  That someone had just taken everything with him along with hope


To Be Continued Tomorrow…

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