U is Ugly – Love is not my need


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“I love you!” I guessed the words Trisha drew with her fingers on my bare chest.

“Ok my turn!” I excitedly turned as she offered her bare back for me to draw.

“Ah! Not there.” I chuckled as she turned to face me.

“You are beautiful.” I ran my fingers over her smooth breasts.

“Common, its 2 to 1, go ahead, I guess then and we are even.” I smiled.

The game went on until Trish made sure she won. It had been six months since we had started seeing each other and since then she would go home only to sleep. It was her way of keeping away from her parents who had a busy life of their own and little time for Trisha.

Trish had filled the vacuum after ma’s death four years ago. It did not take my father long to marry another woman who lived in another city with my half-brother. While I felt alienated and could never accept the woman as my mother, Monty was my brother. He did loved to spend time with me and looked up to me as his role model.

“Should we leave? Or we are going to be late.” She nudged me putting on her tee and denim.

“I hate parties, we will go and drop the present and be back. Need to finish my thesis before the deadline.”

It was Monty’s 10th birthday and I was going to make Trish meet pa, as Monty was no stranger to her. Trish and I walked hand in hand into the party hall. After much debate, we chose to buy him Lego Airshow Jet for him. I handed over the present and occupied the corner seat seeing my father’s real estate friends display their fake relationships. Monty did not leave my side for most of the party. He would speak of his tennis classes and his crush from school keeping me and Trish occupied.

“Let’s leave as soon as the cake is cut, there is only so much I can handle.” I whispered in Trish’s ear. Monty pulled Trisha away for collaborating in a game as I sipped my coke. I felt a sudden burst of liquid come up to my mouth and ran to the restroom. The next few moments were nerve wrecking as I stared at the puked blood in the toilet. My hands trembled and I felt extremely dizzy as I dropped on the toilet floor. The dreaded truth was staring right in my face like an ugly demon.

The next few weeks I did not text Trish, I would get up seeing her missed calls and sleep with several text messages which I chose not to answer. She had received responses from two unis she had applied and her going to London would have been a less painful end to our relationship. More so I had no courage to face her and breakup as we had planned everything on how to keep our relationship live long distance as well.

Trish had tried several times to drop home as well but I stayed at college hostel or at my friend’s place to avoid her. Finally the news that she moved to London reached me, I was just happy for her and sure in life that “Love is not my need.”


To Be Continued Tomorrow…

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