T is Taste – Love is not my need


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I got up moaning without realizing Rohan had been down for some time before I got up. His tongue flicked continuously as his hands held my thighs. He groaned and breath harder on her going deeper inside me. I pulled the sheets unable to bear the ecstasy as I called his name, “oh Rohan!”

I came up to me and hugged me hard. A thin sheet of sweat wrapped me adding to the warmth of Rohan’s body.

“Happy morning, princess!” he smiled pulling me on his chest. I stayed there listening his heartbeat for long.

When I got up the sun was shining bright through the curtains, not finding Rohan around I slipped in his shirt and walked out of the room. Rohan wasn’t in the house, I checked all rooms and stood in the balcony looking at passerby. Hearing the door unlock, I walked into the living room to find Rohan all sweat after his morning workout. His t-shirt dripped of sweat making him look so sexy.

“Breakfast!” he held the paper bags in my hand.

I laid them in plates as Rohan freshened himself. “So what is the plan?” I asked him sipping my black coffee.

“Have a few meetings today but can wrap by 3, and then my plan is to try the positions and discover new places.” He chuckled.

I lazed around after Rohan left and called Maya, “hey beautiful!” Maya picked my phone in one ring.

“I have some super news to share, Ani.” There was visible excitement in her voice. Before I could ask she continued, “I am expecting, Ananya.”

“oh my, Maya! I am so happy for you and Ravi.” I could not contain my happiness.

“Listen I am at the doctors right now, but I am coming in two weeks to Bangalore and we will have our kind of celebration then.”

“Ok Maya, carry on.” I hung up still smiling at the afterthought.

At that moment I felt settled and strong to handle all the financial uncertainties and Mohit’s leftover loans.


To Be Continued Tomorrow…

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