S is Sunshine – Love is not my need


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I kept driving my bike with Trisha sitting behind me. We hadn’t spoken a word and I passed the Borivali highway moving outside the city. As the highway turned towards a state road, I parked the bike on the side. Trisha had her arms wrapped around my waist and I realized she had fallen asleep. I looked at her from the rear view mirror. Her cheek rested on my shoulder, eyes closed, and this girl who was the hot chick of college was a simple innocent angel. I smiled and waited, she opened her eyes as the cool breeze that brushed her while I was riding stopped. My shirt around the shoulder was wet, as she had cried before falling asleep.

“I am sorry, for all that happened back at the pub.” She said climbing down the bike and standing in front of me.

“It is alright, hope you are fine Trish.”

“Yes, I got rid of Romy as he always acted like a jerk, still he considers me his property even when its all over.”

“Let me know if I can be of any help.” I did not want to miss a single opportunity of getting close to Trisha.

“For now, I am extremely hungry! Where can you take me?” she chuckled.

“Ride on, Ill take you to the most amazing place I know around.” She hopped on the bike again.

“By the way do you like spicy food?” we spoke till we reached the roadside pav-bhaji stall.

“You get the best pav-bhaji here at this hour, Trisha” I parked my bike on the side and walked towards the roadside eatery.

It was my day and all I wished for was coming true. Trisha loved the bhaji and I earned many brownie points there.

The ride back was a long one as Borivali was almost 42 kms from Marine Drive where she stayed but every moment with her was dream come true. The more we spoke the more I realized that the talks in college about her were not true and she was equally beautiful inside.

It was just about four in the morning when I reached Trisha’s apartment. I turned the bike off to see her off inside.

“See you tomorrow in college.” She smiled half asleep.

“I will not be in college next week, will see you after that.”

She held my hand and came closer, “thank you Rohan.” She planted a quick kiss on my lips and next moment hugged me.

I was out of words yet composed myself. “Take care Trish.” I jumped with joy as she vanished behind the main gate.

It was my night, I felt anything I would ask for tonight would come true, I headed straight for Marine Drive and set there to welcome the sun.

Finally, there was some happiness in my life after ma leaving my world.


To Be Continued Tomorrow…

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