R is Revive – Love is not my need


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I felt settled after an hour or so of the turmoil over the letters, what I imagined to be a hot steamy session had turned into disorder and random turbulence. Rohan ordered food from a Mexican restaurant while I freshened and changed to my night shorts. We spoke about his trip and about Maya and Ravi visiting Bangalore. I was still hesitant and felt some stiffness about what happened some hours ago. Rohan was calm, sipping the single malt he had poured for himself.

“Listen I am sorry for all the commotion that happened.” I really overreacted.

I paused to look at me; he instantly smiled looking at my fingers. I was circling my index finger over my thumb. I instantly stopped and broke into a smile myself.

“Come here, princess” he moved closer to where I was sitting on the couch.

Before he could speak a word, I kissed him. I poured all the regret I was holding onto his lips. I forced my body on him, holding his shoulders, diving more into his mouth.

He lifted me in an instant and whispered, “Let me be the gentleman like the first time of ours as I have imagined.”

I kissed him wrapping myself around him as we headed to the bedroom.

He handled me with utmost care and placed me on the bed. I keenly looked at him as he pulled his t-shirt over his head. I had observed or rather longed for his body but seeing him bare ignited me completely. He drew closer his lean torso covering me. He was slow but passionate. He cupped my back and slipped me under him. His manhood grew against my thighs as he kissed me again. This time his kiss was sensual. I rubbed my thigh against his hardness, as the kiss grew deeper.

“Slow down, princess.” He whispered in my ear.

“Not anymore!” I could feel the heat on my thigh.

He smiled as he moved away and lifted me gently to remove my shirt and bra. Next, my shorts were pulled off my legs as he sat between them. He did not take his eyes off me for a moment while unzipping his pants.

My jaw dropped seeing the enormous bulge he was hiding, the hardness I had felt moments ago. Placing a knee on the edge of the bed, he said in the sexiest voice, “Ani, spread for me.”

I spread my thighs with my knees bent as he kissed his way through my womanhood. He planted another kiss before diving straight for my clit. My moans were uncontrollable as his tongue drove deeper and deeper. He groaned getting intense in sucking me wild. I arched my back she his fingers rubbed me to orgasm.

“Oh, Rohan!” I climaxed taking his name.

“You okay, princess?” I smiled at his caring gesture; before I could speak, he thrust his manhood in me. Each thrust filled with passion that built over the months we waited.

I slide with a constant rhythm as he moved in me steadily. He closed his eyes as I moaned filling him with my need. It was like a thousand stars that burst inside me when I came, he followed me in no time. A final jerk before he lay bare on me. I could hear his heartbeat thud on my breasts.

“You smell so good, Ananya.” He kissed my forehead. I turned to lie on his chest feeling content.


To Be Continued Tomorrow…

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