Q is Qualm – Love is not my need


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I dashed outside the house in utter rage a thousand thoughts ticking like timebombs inside my head. I felt giddy and my chest burnt. Once in the elevator I tried to dig in my purse to find my car keys. The elevator door dinged and banged into a man. Rohan held my shoulders immediately to stop me from falling.

His smile faded looking at my fierce face. “Move, let me go.” I pushed him.

“Ananya? What happened?”

“I want to leave, that’s all.”

“Is everything okay? Why do you want to leave?”

“I am not your something that you can toy around with.”

“What are you talking about?” We still stood in-between the elevator doors which tried to close and open as we spoke.

“I read the letters from Khushi, Rohan.” I scornfully looked at him.

He looked towards the ground without saying a word. Was he still playing? That one minute was equally to an hour for me.

I shrugged my hand and turned to leave with zero patience.


I turned, “What Rohan?”

“You can go but just be patient with me and give me 5 minutes.” He moved his hand in his hair nervously.

I did not see any harm in listening to him more over I really wanted to know why he played with me.


The ride up the elevator was silent; I distanced myself on one corner. We walked into the apartment and he turned to me, “Where did you see the letters?” I could not understand if he pretended or was he that oblivious.

I walked straight to the bedroom and picked the letters as he waited in the living room, he did not open any just ran through the envelops as if he hadn’t seen them before. He sat on the couch thinking for a moment. Picking his phone he dialed a number quickly, “Get me Khushi Sharma.” He paused for moment as the person on the other side spoke, “yes the actress.” He replied before hanging up.

Is Khushi Sharma the actor, my mind boggled at what I was hearing? She had won Miss India a few years back and was so beautiful. In another moment his phone rang, he placed it on the center table and turned the speaker on.

“Hi Rohan.” A shrill voice on the other end spoke.

“When was the last time I met you Khushi?” Rohan was direct.

“A year and a half ago.” I felt she sighed

“Did you receive any letter or any communication since that time?”

“No, what happened?”

Rohan hung up on her. He intently looked at me, he held my hand and spoke, “I met her just once, at some party and it was just a night. I haven’t seen her after that. She sent me several letters and messages but I never responded and I don’t care. My staff here keeps the letters and my assistant opens the letters and keeps the copies here.

He came closer. “Don’t stop me” he crushed me to his chest.

“And Khushi is so beautiful.” I murmured in his arms.

“She stands no chance in front of you.” I somehow believed his words.

“Princess” he kissed the mole on my shoulder, “I missed you so much past week. Now no more events please.”

I just smiled.


To Be Continued Tomorrow…

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