N is Naïve – Love is not my need


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I did not want bring up the topic of my relationship in front of Ananya. It was 15 years back in college. I had seen her several times in college but hadn’t got the courage to walkup to her and talk. She was the preetiest girl in the senior batch and had a steady boyfriend, Romy. It wasn’t until the farewell that Trisha Sharma spoke to me.

“Do you have light?” Trisha gestured showing me the cigarette. Preetam and Sohail stood mum looking at her, “No I don’t smoke.” I tried to cover up the embarrassment of the dropped jaws on either side of me.

Trisha Sharma was 5 feet 8 inches tall,  had won the fashion show every year at college and was an intercollege basketball champion. She drove in a red Suzuki Swift sports version daily at 12.00, wore a skirt that was exactly 5 fingers above her knees, carried a fossil toad bag and had a very bad temper. The mixed veg cheese sandwich was her daily lunch at the roadside vendor after which she left for 13.30 show at sterling. If you think I was the only one who knew details about Trish (I like to call her that in my imagination) then you are wrong, every guy right from the fresher whose pimples had barely broken to the graduates were crazy about her. And the Trisha Sharma was asking me for a light. I cursed myself mentally for not smoking.

“So are you guys joining us for the after-party?” she said putting the cigarette back in the pack.

“Oh yeh sure, where are we going?” I mumbled.

“Do you have a bike?” She asked. This time I felt lucky I rode the CBZ which dad gifted me a month ago.

“Yes I do.”

“I’ll come with you.” She said walking away, following her I looked behind and smirked at my jealous friends.

I was around the same height as Trish as she sat pillion. I looked at myself in the mirror. This extreme thin frame and fat glasses didn’t make me look anywhere close to Trish’s boyfriend. Nonetheless the gal was comfortably sitting behind me with one hand on my waist and other on my shoulder.

The drive was a good 45 minutes from Churchgate to Powai. Her inner thighs were brushing my butt, my testosterone level had shot up and only I knew how I was managing the embarrassment. She spoke like an open book and I managed to know many things. She was simple and kind hearted, complete opposite to the façade that anyone who did not know her felt. She took my number and promised to keep in touch after the farewell.

We reached the place around 9.30 pm and she got down saying she did see me inside. I parked the bike and called Preetam if he had reached but it went unanswered. I was just walking towards the door when I saw Romy talking to Trisha. I stood in the queue to enter the pub as they were a few feet away near the entrance. I couldn’t hear what they spoke but it looked like a heated argument. Just then Romy pushed Trisha who fell to the ground. The bouncers walked towards Romy but I reached before them and pushed him back. I was no match to this well-built guy. He slapped me and my glasses flew in Trish’s direction. I felt she walked towards me and in the next second I felt her lips on mine. She kissed passionately and parted in no time giving me my glasses and my first naïve kiss. I put on my glasses to see Romy charging towards us, I had no clue what I was to do next. Trisha kicked his balls as the bouncers pulled him away.

It was then that I noticed a crowd had gathered and Preetam and Sohail stood staring at me, witness to the entire ruckus. I tried to walk towards them when Trish turned and held my hand, “Would you mind dropping me home.”

I obliged.


Be Continued Tomorrow…

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