M is Mate – Love is not my need


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I had never been so anxious for a date. The past week had been very eventful because of Mohit. I really did not know when would his habit of duping and manipulating people go. Rohan invited me over for a date at his place to keep me away from thoughts. I parked my car in the visitors parking before ringing the bell. I would have preferred to go out in a restaurant that way I could stop myself from getting close to him. I did not know if I could or would want to stop myself once his hard body was pressed against mine.

He opened the door and rested his shoulder on the side of the sill crossing his legs looking at me. I wore a knee length black chiffon dress with flowing cap sleeves. Even after wearing 5 inches heels I could reach his ear. I tied my hair in a soft bun and wore minimal make-up. Rohan on the other hand was casually dressed in a dark blue Chinese collared shirt and beige pants.

He came forward to casually kiss and greet me. “You look ravishing Ani.”

I couldn’t stop blushing, “Can you tell me why was I asked to dress sexy while you are so casually dressed.” I raised my eyebrow.

“Even if we would go to a fast food joint I would ask you to dress sexy Ani.”He turned to make way for me to walk in.

The living room was simple with minimal furniture. There lay a saxophone in one corner and the other end was an open kitchen. The curtains were light brown and matched the couch that lay in the centre. Three bar stools were placed in the living room facing the island of the open kitchen. The lights were soft and a big candle was lit on one side lighting the white and yellow lillies placed in a huge vase.

“Is this your house Rohan.” I asked placing my clutch on the couch.

“Yes Ani, infact this is the only house I have.” he walked towards me with two glasses of Chardonay.

“Cheers!”I raised my glass but he instead held my wrist and walked towards the closed curtains. He pressed a button which opened the curtains to a beautiful view of Bangalore. I had lived in this city for years and had never seen it so beautiful. I walked into the terrace which was tastefully designed. I kept looking at the lights of far off buildings that looked like mini bulbs from the terrace. “This view is beautiful.” I said placing my hands on the railing looking outside.

“Yes, really beautiful.” Rohan came close behind me, leaning both wrists on the railing on either side caging me.

“You know Ani.” he whispered closed to my ears. This building was the first project I worked for, while there would be many better buildings and malls built but this is the closest to my heart. I thus kept this apartment for myself and made to my taste.

There was silence for sometime but the silence was comforting. “Can you turn for me Ananya.”He whispered again.

I turned to face him still held between his hands. “Thank you for dressing for me tonight” He placed his lips on mine. I could taste wine on his lips as he kissed me. I arched over the railing as I kissed back holding his hair gently.

“I can’t wait anymore Ananya.” Rohan groaned.

I smiled not knowing what to respond, “Have you brought someone else here before.” I tried to change the topic.

His playful look turned serious. “why do you think so.”

“Because you have no reason to be single.”

“I was in a serious relationship and I dont have room for anything else to now.” He walked into the living room.

“Some more wine.”He gestured holding the empty glass in his hand.

“yes sure. I like the way you kiss.” I actually loved the way he kissed.

“Try me at other places too!. Just let me and Ill show you.” He looked at me while pouring the wine.

“Do you cook.” I could smell some delicious food in the kitchen.

“Yes I do. Cooking is a stress buster, mostly I cook for myself.”

I walked to the kitchen and pulled the lid off the pan. He had made a green thai curry with some Basil rice. I stood resting my back to the kitchen cabinet as he spoke, “So Ani, how do you like it? Rough or slow and seductive.”

I coughed up and then gulped all the wine in my mouth at that question.

“Are you okay?” he stepped forward.

“Yes I am” picking up a glass of water I took a sip. “I can’t imagine how can you ask such things so casually and straight?”

He stepped closer picked the wine glass from my hand placed it on the platform held my hand in his and looked into my eyes, “Ani, Princess, you have a beautiful butt, would you be fine if I spanked it?”

My face was heated, red as he spoke. I was blushing as he smiled wide and laughed.

“you are impossible.”

“Yes I am!” He kissed my cheek again.

The thai curry and rice was amazing, he had used the ingredients very carefully to enhance the right flavours.

“Is there something you don’t like in bed?” he picked up the topic again.

It wasn’t discomfort but I didn’t know how to answer such questions.

“Not really but I haven’t tried a lot of things.”

“Blindfold?” he prodded.

“I get anxious when my eyes are tied. Plus I have never done it before.”

“Good to know. We will keep it when you start trusting me more in bed.”


I paused to think, “giving or receiving?”


“I don’t mind.”

“Do you have any fetishes or desires?” this time I took the courage to ask.

“Yes, I did love to grab your breasts as I thrust hard inside you and then come on your breasts.”

Oh God. My heart raced at his answer. I wanted to speak but my mouth fell short of words that my mind was churning.

“I want to be with you entire weekend. Next week Monty is going with his friends for a cricket tournament to Mysore. What are your plans?”

“I am not sure.” I didn’t have any plans but I didn’t want to commit to a plan either.

We finished dinner and did the dishes together and stood in the terrace talking. We spoke for a long time on work to movies to music and friends. I spoke about my novel and he about photography. Rohan seemed straight forward and spoke openly about his life.

Even though I did not want this night to end, I left early as I was to drive the other side of town. He offered to drop me but I chose to drive myself.

“Ill message you tomorrow about the weekend plan.” he tried to confirm.

“I have my proof reading tomorrow and may not be able to answer or take calls.”

Rohan’s expression changed but he continued, “I am travelling all week and will be back on Thursday. Let me know if you can free up the weekend.”


I reached home and changed as my phone flashed, “try for the weekend.”

“Thank you for the evening, I will.”

“Keep those breasts safe till I get to them.”

I smiled like a teenager. I liked what I was reading. But my mind already started flashing ‘Just make sure your heart is safe from him, that could be dangerous.’


Be Continued Tomorrow…

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