L is lockup – Love is not my need


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I opened the door and was taken aback to see Mohit sitting on the couch. Rohan, who was close behind me, caught me and immediately shifted so I was behind him.

Every muscle in his body tensed as he spoke, “I guess one meeting between us wasn’t enough.”

Mohit stood up not expecting Rohan to be there.

“What are you doing with my girlfriend?” Mohit retorted.

“Ex-girlfriend.” I corrected him trying to fathom if and how had they met before.

“You have no business to be here.” Rohan looked sternly at Mohit.

“Ah..okay. Of course I can now understand what business you have here.”

Rohan was in a fit of rage as Mohit continued, “Anyway I have come to take my money and then I leave.”

“Look Mohit I have given you everything I had; now I have nothing to give you.” I helplessly pleaded moving towards him.

Rohan held my arm and stood in front, “I do not wish to see you here again and I am serious.”

Rohan’s 6.1 feet frame overpowered Mohit in every way. Before I could intervene, the doorbell rang.

Rohan opened the door as I stood looking at Mohit, the creditors walked in along with cops.

Mohit looked flabbergasted at what was happening. The police showed Mohit a paper, which was an arrest warrant for running a ponzy housing scheme for which he had raised money from various creditors with no intention to return the money. The creditors who stood next to the cops held him for fraud.

There was not a moment given to Mohit to react and in no time, the police hurriedly escorted him.

“How did you know of Mohit’s housing scheme and the fraud Rohan and where did you meet him before?” I questioned him as he sat relieved on the couch.

“Let us keep the details for later Ani. I can only tell you that he was upto something very nasty against you that got avoided.” He coaxed me holding my hand.

“I cant believe I once trusted this man more than life. I still can’t understand how could he be so money minded to cause me hurt and pain.” Disenchantment filled me as I spoke.

“I wouldn’t let that happen princess.” Rohan held my hand tight with assurance.

I couldn’t stop myself from hugging him.


Be Continued Tomorrow…

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