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The chirping birds woke me up. My mother lived on the outskirts of Bangalore near a bird sanctuary. I loved the place and would have loved to live here if it weren’t this far from the city center.

The tree plantation was in the heart of the city. I decided to leave early to make it on time. I was still to confirm meeting Sameer. The roads and traffic was manageable as it was a Sunday with no school or IT company buses plying on the roads. Just as I reached the site I saw a huge board of Raheja builders. I parked my car aside and walked in. Geeta my group coordinator was speaking with a man from the site. Seeing me, she walked over, “The saplings have arrived Ananya the site is only a few meters away from here.”

“Is this for Raheja builders?” I enquired.

“Yes, they tied up with us as the government cut trees in this area for the upcoming Bangalore metro. Mr. Naveen Raheja’s himself took up the task. In fact media will arrive in sometime to cover the story.”

When we walked to the site I saw Rohan speaking to a journalist. He smiled as his gaze caught mine; he walked over to me, “You would not believe if I told you I came to know this morning that we are hosting the event.”

He placed his hand on the small of my back, “Come I would like you to meet somebody.”

We walked to the other side away from where the media vans were parked.

“Ani, this is Monty. My brother.” He turned to a kid in his teens.

“Hi Ani.” Monty forwarded his hand.

“Hello Monty.” I smiled taking his hand greeting him.

“Monty has his holidays at college and will be here with me for the mall project completion.” Rohan added.

“Since my brother does not have female friends and is all work no play person, I assume this is special.”

“Well, we are good friends.” Just then, my phone buzzed. The journalists surrounded us and I stepped back allowing them to speak to Rohan and Monty.

“Hi Ani. I need some cash urgently.” Mohit sounded tensed and scared.

“I don’t have any money to give.” I tried to end the conversation before it started.

“These goons will kill me, Ananya. I haven’t paid my credit card bills for past several months.” I was difficult to believe Mohit’s exaggerated statements.

“It is none of my business, Mohit.” I hung up on him.

“I will see you at home in the evening, need 15k.” he sent a sms.

I was visibly upset and hated his way of announcing his needs.

“What happened Ani. Is everything alright?” Rohan had read my expressions from far off.

“I don’t understand how Mohit can be so demanding when there is nothing left between us.” I stopped, realizing these were my problems.

“I will come with you to settle this.”

“No I can handle this myself.” It was not that big a deal. Mohit would leave if I refused him.

“I insist I be there.”

“Thinking being a woman I cannot handle this is being chauvinist.” I smiled.

“Insisting to come over and be there is being a good man not a chauvinist.” He lips curled in amusement. It was surprised by his ways of diffusing tense situations.

“Yeh right, chauvinist.”  I tried to tease him.

“There are a lot of things you can do to yourself but when I do it to you it would be ecstatic pleasure. Thus taking care of you is being a good man not chauvinism.” He gave one of his mischievous smiles.

The thought of him going down on me made me squirm; gentle man or not he was dialing the right numbers on me. He was kindling thoughts which were difficult for me to resist.

The plantation drive was a huge success as we were able to plant 200,000 saplings, which would turn into a beautiful green cover in a couple of years. While the plantation deed gave me happiness, I had now Mohit to deal with and did not know what trouble it would bring.


Be Continued Tomorrow…

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