J is juncture – Love is not my need


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Rohan got an urgent call and had to leave immediately after breakfast. I spoke to Maya for long before finishing some chores and prepared stay over at my mother’s place. I had missed Sameer’s calls twice. Although he had said, he would call on Sunday he left a message to meet Sunday for dinner. I hadn’t confirmed.

I could hardly concentrate in spite of keeping myself busy all day. ‘Love is not my need’ – just sex and fun! How could he say it so plainly and was it so simple? May be it was. If I would have slept with Sameer, it would also mean the same after all I wasn’t getting involved with him. But what if he was looking for a relationship? He seemed genuine both times we met. Would it be wrong to not reveal I didn’t intent anything serious?

My heart was dying to take the proposal Rohan suggested but my mind somewhere knew, it was not just sex, I liked him a lot. Rohan had made it very clear he was not into a relationship and in these coming days if my liking turned to anything more it would certainly mean a heartbreak.

I was helping my mother with the dishes thinking through all of what happened when my phone buzzed.

“Thinking of me?” it was a whatsapp message from Rohan.

Just after a few minutes there was another, “I can help you with the dilemma, I am good at making business cases.” He ended with a smiley.

“It is me who needs to decide!” I sent a short response.

“And I can help you reason it.” Pat came the reply.

“I have to sleep.”

“Okay tomorrow then..”

“No, I am meeting Sameer tomorrow.”

“Let me tell you the positives anyway.”

“Oh yeh, what are they?”

“To start with, I am very good at it.”

“Tell me a man who says he is bad in bed.”

He went on, “I am above average and a great asset.”

I laughed aloud, “Which man says he is small?”

“I am a complete gentleman and believe in going down first.”

I smiled without sending a reply. After a few minutes

“I have just gotten started.” He sent a winked smiley.

I didn’t send another message but without much argument within, I told myself, I like this thorough gentleman.


Be Continued Tomorrow…

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