H is Hooked – Love is not my need


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It had been a month since my return from the capital city. Maya’s wedding was a quiet affair sans any fanfare. Rohan and I were signatories along with Maya’s parents. They looked happy and that is what mattered. I returned to my mundane life in Bangalore away from Rohan. The first rains had started to appear and it delighted from the scorching heat of Delhi.

I adjusted my dress around my waist, I had dropped a size or two in the past months but still was not a small frame. I swift through the different lip colors and settled for rose wood, I didnt wan’t to give any impression that I was interested. Although I was sexually deprived I wasn’t particularly ready to to share my bed with him. Sameer and I had met once just after I had returned from Maya’s engagement. It was he who set the second one up and I didn’t particularly find a reason to say no. He was an IT professional and a decent guy. But that was it, nothing else clicked between us or nothing else was clicking with anyone since I did met Rohan.

My phone buzzed as I was leaving the house. “Hey Sameer, sorry I am late.” I knew he did call.

“Hi Ani.” I skipped a beat, I looked at my screen. It was an unknown number.

“Hello!”I spoke reluctantly trying to confirm the voice.

“Hope you didn’t miss me much!” that voice, I was weak in my knees and between my legs.

“Hi Rohan!” I felt his smile over the phone.

“I am here in Bangalore and I am craving to meet you.” he sounded seductively sexy.

“Welcome to the city! I would have liked to meet but I have a date tonight. Really sorry cannot make it.” I tried to avoid.

“Okay no problem. Have a good one.” he hung up without insisting. Was he upset or sad? I didn’t want to think much.


“Have you come to this place before.” Sameer tried to break the silence.

“No, travelling from J P Nagar to Whitefield is rare.” I was telling the truth, it was a horror to drive in Bangalore. The city has no peak or slack hours, it is bumper to bumper day and night.

“So the traffic got you late?” he was trying hard to keep the conversation going.

“Yeah, I was nearly ready and a Delhi friend called up saying he is in Bangalore and that added to it.”

“Was that Rohan?”

“How did you know?” he puzzled me with that question.

“Well! when we first met after your best friend’s engagement you spoke a lot about him. So it wasn’t hard to guess.” Sameer sounded so genuine and I felt ashamed for bringing Rohan up.

The rest of the dinner I concentrated on him and spoke on varied topics. The dinner went smooth.

At the end of the date just outside my apartment Sameer held my hand, “Would you like to come for a movie this Saturday?”

A third date. No, my heart and mind unanimously shouted.

“I have to visit my mother this Saturday and have a tree plantation drive this Sunday.”

He smiled flaccidly, “Another time, may be.”


He leaned forward and kissed me. My mind instantly lost in thoughts of analysing the kiss. I stood there pulling my tongue back in my mouth in avoidance. I didn’t feel anything like the way Rohan made me feel. Rohan would make me give in, melt me in an instant and his raw passion engulfed me.

I stood there till the kiss broke.

“I’ll call you on Sunday.”

“Sure Sameer.” God it was so awkward and out of place.

I closed the door behind me cursing myself for the complexity I was creating for myself.


Be Continued Tomorrow…

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