G is Games – Love is not my need


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“You look beautiful Ananya”

After visiting Maya’s home, Rohan had dropped me off at the hotel so I could rest and get ready for dinner.

“Thank you Rohan.” It was the third time he’d complimented me since he picked me up. Even though he liked to tease me about sex – which was difficult to differentiate between teasing and real – I knew he meant it when he complimented me.

We settled in as the waiter came to our table. “What would you like to drink?”

I skimmed through the menu and said, “a cocoa’s revenge for me please.” It sound delicious with an alcoholic blend of equal parts of Ron Zacapa Rum and Kettle One Vodka, white chocolate cream and a pinch of nutmeg.
Rohan raised his eyebrow at the name and ordered, “I love it hot and spicy so a Fiery Empress for me.” I thought he was making it up, I looked up the menu, it was a potent blend of chilly, curry leaves and Patron Silver tequila.

After the waiter left, I looked around at the Thai restaurant. The tall skyscrapers of Delhi looked like twinkling lights in a distance from the 14th floor restaurant.

“Is this your favourite restaurant?”

“I have come once before.”

“Was it a date to have got here? Given the breathtaking view and the exotic menu.”

“Given that half of the towers you see here are Raheja you think space seems a problem?” he smirked.

“Oh yeah, sure.” I laughed.

“And you think I am a playboy who has all the time to either make passes or sleep around with dates?”

The waiter placed the Fiery Empress in front of Rohan; I liked my cocoa’s revenge. It smelt of coffee but tasted refreshing and divine.

“So you say you don’t see women in this megacity?”

“Well, when I am not travelling. One or two here and there.”

“Not bad.” I sipped my drink and looked at him. “Twenty four a year sounds cool.”

Rohan scowled.

“How interesting would it be to sleep with such variety.” I continued teasing him.

He frowned again, “As of what I remember you were looking for a one night stand at Maya’s engagement, isn’t it?”

“No I wasn’t and even if I was that is not the matter.”


“Because I do not want to get into a relationship and get emotionally drained. I am keener to want anything more but sex these days. My count is not 24 a year.”

Rohan was quiet as if thinking something he did not want to bring up. Perhaps he too had some strong reasons for hooking up only for sex with dates. May be it was a heartbreak – I contemplated.

The waiter came back to the table, perfect timing to change the tone of the conversation. The Thai was the best I had ever eaten. The conversation was pleasant and we laughed about the whole of Maya episode.

Rohan did not joke about having sex when we drove back from the restaurant. He didn’t seek to come up to my room after he walked me to the elevator.

As the elevator bell rang, he held my hand and said, “Kiss me once more Ananya.”

I looked around the buzzing reception lobby. There was no way I was going to kiss him.

He pushed me gently inside the elevator and held my body very close to his. His breathing was hard and instantly he placed his lips on mine. He sucked my tongue as he kissed with all passion. The smell of musk intoxicated me as his lips delved deeper in my mouth. My body melted in his arms and I kissed back.

The elevator dinged at the presidential suite. I have a project coming up in Bangalore and will be there 4 weeks until the mall completes it’s last phase. Promise me you will meet me. I will be a good man and stay in the elevator if you promise or be ready for me to lift and take you to the room.”

The choice was hard to make, my still racing heart wanted to know him and his body but my mind kept playing games asking me to stay away, telling me it will yield only pain. I listened to my mind and lied saying and postponing the contact, “I promise to meet.”

I ran out of the elevator before I changed my mind and got him to bed.


Be Continued Tomorrow…

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