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I got into the car panicking after Maya’s call. “I know Ravi since 20 years, he is not that kind of a guy!” Rohan sounded amused which irked me further.

“What do you mean not that kind of a guy? You all are the same. Do you even realize what it means for a woman? You should have heard how troubled Maya sounded. This marriage or relationship for that matter is just a play. Nothing and no one can be trusted. You trust someone and give years to them to realize they just made a fool of you. All your hard work, savings and peace is gone. Whoofff! And how do you care? You want sex isn’t it? Is that all that matters! And this is the only point I agree with you. Heartaches with heartstrings attached can just leave us distraught.” I rolled the window down and turned to look out of the window.

After several minutes Rohan calmly said, “The air-condition is on.”

“I need fresh air.” I kept looking outside the window.

Maya’s house was nothing less than Kampegowda bus station. I could hear discussions from every room. I went up the stairs to her room as Rohan followed me. Maya was sitting with her legs crossed on her bed surrounded by her aunts and uncles. A lot of people spoke together as she kept arguing something with her mom which I could barely fathom. Finding my way into the group I grabbed her hand and took her out of the room away from the cacophony. Rohan quietly followed us. Unable to find a quiet corner I went into the bathroom and latched it leaving Rohan outside.

“What happened?” I wanted to know why would the marriage be called off.

“Ravi is an ass Ani. After all this preparation and everyone here, he chickened out.” Maya sounded furious yet I was puzzled she did not look so broken.

“Chickened out?” I repeated to get some more information.

“Let me in as well.” Rohan knocked the door.

“Stay outside.” I yelled.

“Yes he now wants a registered marriage instead of this grandeur. Imagine all the cards have gone to people. My family is here, all relatives, friends planned to travel to Delhi and he says cancel it all. We go for a registered marriage. Damn the marriage is today!” She said all in one breath.

“hmmm. It is a problem but it isn’t that big a problem as well. He hasn’t refused to marry, he just wants it in a different way.” I tried to calm her down.

“Is it that small? What do I do with these people here? How do my parents answer them? What will they say about us?” She tried to escalate and reason it to a disaster.

“Well! You can go for a registered marriage and in celebration of the marriage your parents can host a dinner for all guests present. Your life matters and his happiness and choice should matter to you not the society’s choice. So if you blow it out of proportion it will look big and if you take it in your stride it won’t. It is how you handle it.” I gave my ultimate shot at it.

She was quiet for some time. I tried to gather if my words reached her. In another instant she hugged me tight. “I am fine with a registered marriage. And no one goes without partying hard celebrating the marriage.” She grinned.

“Let me in please.” Rohan pleaded.

I opened the door and he went, “I spoke to Ravi, he hasn’t called off the marriage. Coming from a small family and a single parent he is overwhelmed. I’ll talk to him and he will be ready. Why do you worry?” He spoke holding Maya’s hand. His calmness was sexy.

“That won’t be needed, I am fine with a registered marriage and you two need to be there as signatories.” Maya finally looked happy again.

It was difficult to drive a consensus with Maya’s parents but finally they agreed as well.

I had never felt as awkward as I was sitting in Rohan’s car returning to the hotel. I was in a dilemma to apologize or just say I didn’t mean it. I chose the latter. After running the words in my mind several times and carefully selecting them I spoke. “I was really worried about Maya. She scared the hell out of me. In the heat of the moment may be I went overboard and spoke what I shouldn’t have normally.” I paused trying to gauge his reaction.

He kept driving looking straight at the road. May be my words were not enough and I finally said, “okay, I am sorry. I should have taken care plus most of it was my personal frustration as well.”

I looked at him and awaited. A smile broke on Rohan’s face, “so we continue the dry hump and the kiss we left in the hotel room? And not all of it was incorrect at least not my idea of having sex with you.” He chuckled and winked. He never missed an opportunity to flirt but even that sounded sexy.

“So when is the wedding now?” I tried to change the topic.

“When the registrar gives an appointment, may be 15 days or a month. I did thought the marriage would be done this evening and I would get sometime with you since I am flying tomorrow to Hongkong. Would you have dinner with me Ananya?”

I wanted to refuse. But the man had been shuttling me around since he’d picked me up from the airport, and he had to be as exhausted as I was.

“Okay. But no mischievous acts.”

Rohan grinned. “Never.”


Be Continued Tomorrow…

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