E is Ecstasy – Love is not my need


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I couldn’t be more excited to attend the wedding of my best friend, Maya. It felt like just yesterday when she got engaged six months back. I made a list of things I needed to get to surprise Maya before landing in Delhi. I always preferred the laid back life of Bangalore compared to the concrete jungle of Delhi.

I walked out of the airport and stood in queue for a taxi when someone tapped my shoulder.

“You? What are you doing here.”I was surprised to Rohan at the airport. He was wearing a grey collared tee with destressed denim. His dark hair was combed backwards and he refreshingly smelt of musk. My heart literally skipped a beat looking at him.

“It is my city, why shouldn’t I be here?” He spoke with ease followed by a contagious smile “The taxi’s are on strike, I had come to drop my friend to the airport. I don’t want to make it obvious by asking I will drop you.” he started dragging my suitcase. I reluctantly followed him. I wasn’t surprised that he drove a Q7, it completely suited his style and taste. I hopped on to the car, “Can you please drop me to Lalit, it is near the airport.”Just then my phone buzzed, “hey Ani you landed! So excited imagine I am getting married, it is still not sinking in.” She spoke in one breath without a word from me.

“Hey bestie, of course I am excited too! Am on my way to the hotel and then straight to meet you.” my gaze stuck on the three taxis waiting at the signal. I immediately turned to look at Rohan who inturn was looking at me as if he was observing something. I gestured showing the taxis and he smirked giving a mischievous wink. “You there Ani?” Maya interrupted us, “ yes am here!” “Good, can you get me some stuff, I am sending you a list at whatsapp. And don’t reveal much to anyone about it.” “Sure babe, send it.” I replied.

“I see you took me for a ride for the taxi now don’t tell me the Hotels are shut too!” I cornered Rohan. He dropped me at the Lalit, the manager knew him and immediately upgraded me to the Presidential suit. I wasn’t comfortable with the happenings but didn’t want to embarrass myself by refusing it. 

The presidential suit was nothing like what I had seen before. “I told you that night we met. There is much more I want to show you.” I looked at Rohan in disagreement to taking the room for myself. His words teased me, but unexpectedly he grabbed my butt, and stepped closer and there was nothing my body felt before.

Past six months I had dated several men but none of them had made me feel like Rohan’s simple touch.

“Kiss me Ananya.” He spoke in a heavy voice as he placed his thumb on my lower lip. “I haven’t slept in the past six months without thinking of you these lips.”

“This is not a good idea Rohan.” I did not sound convincing even to myself.

“Is it so?” he stepped closer and lowered his voice.

“I have things to get to Maya.” I whispered.

“It can wait. Just one kiss Ananya.” he just smiled.

the truth was I wasn’t sure I could control myself if I kissed Rohan now. He moved closer reading my intent. My body was in total contradiction to my mind, while my heart was trying to convince my mind, Rohan placed his lips on mine.

His lips were a contrast to his holding me. He held me firm and tight and his lips were softest on mine. He kissed me delicately as if it was his first time. It felt beautiful yet sensuous. Rohan cupped my face and kissed more as his hard one pressed against me. I could feel the heat on my lips and my thigh. It sent me in ecstasies I had never felt before.

I gave in finally and kissed back with equal passion. I could feel something vibrate, “One second.”I spoke under the kiss as he kissed more. Another set of vibrations and I realised it was my phone. I picked it up to see 20 missed calls, I extricated myself from Rohan, “Yes Maya….” I tried to sound normal and control my heartbeat.

“The marriage is called off, Ani…I so hate this guy Ravi!.” she yelled hanging up the call.


Be Continued Tomorrow…

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