Ani and The Moon – #Blogtrotters


It was that Sunday while playing in the garden Ani had found the butterfly. All of 8 she was her beatific best when her elder brother had taught her how to hold it without hurting it. She would carry it in a holed jar and joyfully hop fields. One day while lazing in the garden the jar opened and the butterfly flew away.

Her sadness knew no bounds. She cried her eyes out and prayed hard for the butterfly to return but in vain.

When she got tired crying she started talking to the Moon, the moon would appear everyday to quietly listen to her. Gradually her talks changed from complains to happy times. Sometimes there were poems shared or many times she chose stories to tell, when all would exhaust she would talk to the Moon about places she travelled. The Moon thus became her companion, one such who would never leave her like the butterfly.

This Moon is my Blog. I started narrating poems, stories and travelogues and my blog decided to stand by me always.

When the Moon wouldn’t suffice it made me meet and make buddies and one such buddy I found in BlogChatter and its BlogBuddy 3.0 program. I made some awesome friends at Blogbuddy and we proudly call ourselves #BLOGTROTTERS.

What I expect from Blogbuddy is to increase my blogging ecosystem and meet several new and old buddies on the way.  That would be reading their creative work and sharing it as well. Thus enriching myself with new tales everyday. It would be an enthralling journey of happiness all along to known more on SEO, increasing blog traffic and wonderful competitions in a healthy environment.

I am happy to be a part of Blogbuddy program and take little Ani and her Moon to new galaxies 🙂

Thrilled to be a part of #BlogBuddy group #BlogTrotters , linking my post with the BlogChatter Linky here


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