The Perfect Date – A fiction

Tuxedo? na! A double breasted suit would be perfect…so would that be just a casual jacket and denim. Rohan was never the one to make decisions in a go he would always be ambivalent of things when it came to Ani. It had been three years together but still he did all to impress her.

While Ananya was meticulous it wasn’t so difficult to impress her. She would see him smile and just say you look amazing Rohan and build heart felt praises till he blushed.

Rohan had taken Ani for many dates but this was the first time she had popped the question while walking hand in hand at Marine Drive on Saturday.

“Rohan…” she always paused after taking his name

“ÿeah Ani” he responded casually walking

“I wanted to ask you out on a date?” she was already blushing

Rohan stopped in his tracks turned and looked at her and beamed, paused and walked after a minute of no exchange of words he turned again and smile, “Would love to!”

Rohan scrolled his WhatsApp and checked the date and venue, Tuesday, Albert hall, 20.00. His addled brain was trying to guess, preempt on what it could be at a hall that big. He set his hair one more time, breathed on his palm to check his breath and left for Albert Hall.

Just as he parked his car another message pinged, the first hall on the right corner, 1st floor sealed with a kiss emocon. The venue was a tall medieval kind of a building with a huge entrance which opened in a big hall with a very broad staircase in the centre. He hurried to the said hall on the right first floor. It was dark as his footsteps echoed in the room. He walked to the centre of the huge hall but no sign of Ananya. He looked around as the sunset beam of summer lightly lit the room through the glass windows.The huge golden drapes fell silkily down the windows and the panelled walls shimmered in gold tapestry. He was mesmerised looking around when he hit a spotlight right in front of him.

Ananya stood there in a sensuous flowing white chiffon see through dress looking seductively at him. The corset dress had a plunging neckline showing her cleavage that had his heart thumping. Her hair left lose set shiny brown in the spotlight as her grace needed no other accessory. He absorbed her in a moment admiring her elegance. She walked on her toes as the spot light followed her and stopped just a heartbeat away from Rohan.

He managed a whispered hi under his racing heart as she placed her finger over his lips and smiled. He delicately kissed her finger and breathed deep to her lavender fragrance. She walked back just a step when the music played a romantic song. She flicked her legs getting closer and held his hand to dance. Rohan held her hand and matched her moves. Ananya’s hip swung as he lightly lifted her and she rolled under his hand hugging him from behind and swinging to the groove. Her eyes kissed him and hands caressed as she danced with him sensuously on salsa moves. Romance was personified and love twisted on the crisp turns as he held her curves every time they moved. Lost in each other she was luscious and nubile to him and he alluring and desirable.


They danced forgetting the world in each others arms till he held her close and placed her on the piano. She looked at him ravenously her back straight as his hand lazily moved on her bare back. Ananya exhaled on Rohan’s lips holding his face close and he thumb on his cheek and finger brushing his neck. She teased him gently stroking his lips barely kissing them. He closed his eyes when she moaned feeling his hands tighten around and her lips parted. He took over and gently tilted his face to kiss her. The kissed completing each other, they kissed baring it all and they kissed embracing the imperfections to make them one.They made a beautiful “US” and fitted perfectly.

edThe evening passed over a quiet dinner telling each other the little things they loved in their perfect world. Rohan loved her woman to sweep him off his feat and Ananya was the real woman who needed no weapons she was armoured enough to know what her man wanted and possessed his keys.

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