A-Z Challenge – K – Keenness


He walked into his inherited maternal grand mom’s house almost after 30 years; the family feud had kept him away.

Nostalgia stuck to his every pore same as the dust of the dilapidated house, smell of freshly made butter that still lingered or the ripe mangoes that he climbed the tree in the backyard to pick.

Strolling through every room he lifted the copper box that his grand mom never let him touch saying he would get it when the right time arrives, his keenness that he held for so many years gave way.

After opening it with much struggle he found a key to a locked cupboard, his emotions knew no bounds when he found pictures of his childhood, his clothes neatly stacked, his toys, his birthday gifts still wrapped for the years he stopped coming and along with it was his future a letter mentioning property and jewellery that he had inherited.

The letter dropped off his hand as he sat down opening his birthday gifts.


After a super holiday and break on Sunday, I am back to the challenge. This time I haven’t even asked and I know I will invite trouble if I don’t for L πŸ™‚ So am all keen to know what Shashank is writing on Keenness, to read be keen hereΒ .

  1. April 14, 2015
    • April 16, 2015
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