A-Z Challenge – Fragile





“I don’t think I want to meet anyone or get engaged, please ma phone whoever you have called and ask him to return ” Ananya yelled as she banged the door of her room.

The break up was not fresh anymore but the memories were, she couldn’t come to terms with the idea of moving on.

She sat on the floor resting her face on the table where she had placed a house of cards her ex had made for her weaving fragile emotions of togetherness with a weak foundation.

The door opened after a light knock and Rohan entered with a pleasant smile, “Hi this is Rohan, care for a friendly talk?”

Ananya looked at a still smiling Rohan who held his hand towards her as the fragile cards flew with the zephyr of a new beginning.


“Whats the F word?” Shashank inquired. “Fragile!” I said with all certainty still thinking did I get the question right. “Fragile?” a question with an emocon I didn’t understand. “Can’t fragile be an emotion?” that wasn’t a question, it was a statement you don’t have a choice we got to write on Fragile 🙂

A difficult emotion “Fragile” read a completely different take here.

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