Rohan entered the party hall with a pounding heart and heavy steps. Even after six years of separation all he longed for was a glimpse of those deep black eyes and fuller lips, that one face hers. Among the various standing figures he saw Ananya – nervously pretentious of being participative among them. One glance and he drank her presence along with her need of him. They had just parted ways not hearts…

Here is my humble try at recording Teri khushboo main base khat

जिनको दुनिया की निगाहों से छुपाए रखा
जिनको इक उम्र कलेजे से लगाए रखा
दीन जिनको जिन्हें ईमान बनाए रखा

तूने दुनिया की निगाहों से जो बचकर लिखे
साल हा साल मेरे नाम बराबर लिखे
कभी दिन में तो कभी रात को उठकर लिखे

तेरे खु़शबू में बसे ख़त मैं जलाता कैसे
प्यार में डूबे हुए ख़त मैं जलाता कैसे
तेरे हाथों के लिखे ख़त मैं जलाता कैसे

तेरे ख़त आज मैं गंगा में बहा आया हूँ
आग बहते हुए पानी में लगा आया हूँ


Hidden from the eyes of the world, they were kept
Close to my heart for an age, they were kept
As my faith and conscience, they were kept

Concealed from the world, you wrote them
Year after year, in my name, you wrote them
During the day, sometimes at night you wrote them

Steeped in your fragrance, these letters how could I burn
Immersed in love, these letters how could I burn
Written by your hands, these letters how could I burn

Your letters afloat in the Ganga I have set
On fire, the flowing waters I have set

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