Bang Bang – That Awful Sound!

Ananya clad in a burka just to avoid acquaintances, turned right onto the narrow Barauni lane, she read the piece of paper from under her veil, Room no 113, Kisbar makaan, Barauni road, Bihar 851116 it read. She was in the right lane as she paced to find the said building.

“Bhaijaan….Bhaijaan” she hushed knocking the door.

“ji, aayiye.” Abdul said opening the door.

“Is it ready?” enquired Ananya.

“How many?” questioned Abdul.

“Two.” confirmed Ananya.

“Ok.” Abdul walked to the other room where the karigars (workers) were seated engrossed working. Ananya sat on a rolled cotton mattresses looking nervously around the dusty dingy room. She kept shaking her legs making her restlessness evident. Abdul returned in 5 minutes. She got up but again sat down after Abdul gestured her to do so.

“These are the best handmade pistols in India. Munger made pistol come with a guarantee of never giving up on the owner. “ he said with utmost pride assembling the pistols.

“One magazine is free with each piece. Hope you know how to operate it? Do you want it for yourself? Why two?” He looked at her handing one of them on her hand.

“No…no I don’t.” As Ananya held it with trembling hands.

Adbul demoed it to her without firing a shot. Ananya tried it on another the same way. He wrapped both in a piece of cloth and gave it to her.”

“I am giving this to you as you are Nisreen’s friend. Handle with care, it’s no joke.” He warned her.

Ananya kept the wrapped pieces in her bag that hung from her shoulder. “ji bhaijaan.” She responded handing over the bundle of notes to Abdul. “It’s as agreed 30 for 2.”

“Where did you arrange this Ananya?” he questioned again.

Ananya just turned and walked silently, she would never tell anyone that she robbed her own house of the money kept for her marriage.


“True lovers we are.” Anupam said in a confident tone kissing Ananya’s forehead. He scanned the surroundings swiftly not a soul except for the maize crop that swayed with the wind.

“My parents will never agree or understand our true love. They have never understood me in the past 16 years.” Ananya said handing over the cloth wrapped pistol.

“I know, I know. My family is my father and where has he understood me in past 23 years, I never tried convincing him for any girl I had an affair with earlier, I love you truly and tried telling him and what did I get a slap in return. No one can understand us Ananya, no one. Have you not heard of all the true love stories, the give up on their lives for oneness.” Spoke Anupam boastfully.

“My ma loves me a lot; I don’t know what will happen of her. My father, I am the only child. I am scared Anupam, are we doing right?” Ananya was scared and sceptical.

“I always knew your love was not true. True lovers never question, they just sacrifice. They don’t chicken out like you. What will you love when you can’t do this much. You are ordinary just like others. ” Exclaimed Anupam angrily.

“No, please don’t be upset. I know this is the only way to be together. I have faith. I will do anything for our union, our oneness.” She said picking up the pistol.

“Okay.” Anupam picked the pistol too.

“Now listen to me carefully. I will count 3….2….and at the count of 1, we both say I love you and shoot. Here…” he said pointing at his heart. They both stood up, he smooched her deep before pushing her a foot apart pointing the pistol at her. Ananya tried to hold the pistol straight with unsteady hands.

“3….” Anupam said aloud.

“2….” He continued.


“I love….” Ananya whispered with a choked voice tears rolling down her face.

A gun shot disturbed all the birds as they scattered in the evening sky chirping loud. One body fell on the ground with a bullet hit in the head. Anupam walked towards her, shook the body with his foot. He pulled her dupatta and placed it on her head. He walked away smiling without remorse screaming “I love you Ananya, I love you…..Love…hahah…my foot.”  His phone rang, the name flashed Nisreen.

This post is my written variation to the song I am addicted to these days. Watch it and join the addiction, do not miss the video.

Featured image source: Bang bang

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