The Unknown!

“So it’s been 23 episodes of season 2 of secrets of the past life, how do you feel right now Dr. Nita?”
” oh i feel on top of this world right now, the season has been a greater success than the first one, the producers are happy and we are already planning the third season.”

“And how do you plan to end this season?”

 “Well, the last episode is even special with my best friend’s son coming to find the answers to his phobia. He is a special child and viewers would really be wonder struck when he finds the reason of this phobia by travelling in his past.”

 “That sounds interesting; Dr.Nita is it true that you are moving back with your boyfriend you left 11 years ago? What was the reason of leaving him then and why together now?”

“No personal questions please!”
“Hello and welcome viewers, I would like to thank you for the amazing response received for this season and tonight I would like to close this series with the most thrilling experience you will have in the history of television. With me I have a boy who is just 11 years old, the youngest participant we have and we will find answers for him together in a few hours. Please welcome Aditya Malhotra.”

The stage was a huge set with 50 people seated facing a podium which was lit in blue lights. There was a bed and a chair next to it. The crew, the camera and the crowd looked eagerly at the small door as the huge flash light focused on the gate. For 10 seconds there was no sight of the boy and then a frail looking image appeared at the gate. Aditya just stepped on the stage and crumpled on the ground, his body coiled shouting “no lights please, please shut the light off” the boy wouldn’t get up even after the crew reaching out. Nita walked to him finally and touched his shoulder and he responded to the touch and got up. Lights remained off and the boy got up and walked center stage in dim light. Cameras were rolling as Nita settled and ask the boy if he felt better.

“Dear viewers, meet Aditya. Aditya has a phobia for bright lights and prefers to be in the dark. He speaks less, is an introvert with few friends and likes listening to trance music as stated by Aditya mom.” then turning towards Aditya she said, “Well Aditya, here we have something in common, i too like trance music. So what exactly is your phobia and how do you feel?” In a feeble voice the boy spoke, “I don’t like bright light. I feel scared of light.” “Don’t worry boy, the reason for your fear will be known and it will be gone when you leave this stage.”

The process began, “Close your eyes Aditya and concentrate on my voice.” Aditya at once spoke “I have heard your voice before.”

The doctor smiled and “yes, I do have a common voice now don’t speak and concentrate on my voice.” “As i count from 10 to 1 your body is getting light, 10…9…8…you are feeling relaxed and are moving away from this real world around you, 7….6….5 all the energy is released from your body 4……3….and with count of 2….and 1….your energy is out of your body and you can see your body now….are you with me.” Nita spent around 40 minutes to get Aditya to the state she wanted. “Where are you Aditya now? Are you able to hear me?”

“Yes i am, but I don’t know where I am.”

“What do you see around? How do you feel?”

“I don’t see anything around…”

Nita looked puzzled, generally at this stage her subject spoke of their past life, what was wrong here? She thought. “OK how do you feel Aditya?”

I feel in a small room or an enclosed space.”

“Is anyone around?” “No, it’s just me.”

“And you see nothing?”

“No nothing.”

May be Aditya was blind in the past life, Nita tells herself. “And do you hear anything?”

“Yes, I hear a woman, someone I know for long….” he stops and speaks again “I hear her every day. I am with her always.”

“And who do you think she is” “She….she is….i think my mother.”

“Good and what does she talk to you?”

 “She tells me, I am beautiful….and she has bought very good clothes for me.” Aditya’s face showed excitement and a smile and his eyes were still shut. “She speaks to a man about me, he too talks to me but not every day.”

“Go on Aditya….What else does she talk to you?”

 “She says she cooks for me, she listens to music, she talks to her friends about me.”

“And….what happens next as days past…move on Aditya?”

“Next….” the look on Aditya’s face changes, “I hear a lot of loud voices….as if people are fighting.” “I feel scared, I don’t like it, I feel like running away.”

“What are the voices about?”

“I don’t know, I feel scared and keep feeling like that till the time I sleep.”

“What do you hear now?”

 “I hear people only fighting, I feel my mom hugging me, feeling me, crying…but I feel helpless.”

“What are your last memories?”

Aditya is wet with perspiration as he murmurs “My mom telling me, I love you Kino…..”

Nita felt choked as Aditya spoke those words, tears rolled off her eyes and she could not speak anything. The entire studio was high on emotions and there was absolute silence in the entire studio as Aditya lay trembling on the bed coiled completely like a baby.

Nita gathered herself and carried on the process, “Don’t worry, you now know the reasons of your deep fears and with time will be able to overcome them. With a countdown you will now gather your conscious self and move away from your past memories. 3…..2…..1…gather yourself Aditya and slowly open your eyes.” Adiya opened his eyes and sat on the bed. “How do you feel now?” “I feel light and freed from the enclosure.”

The episode ended on the highest note as Nita wrapped the show. She escorted Aditya towards the van outside where her mother waited. She felt uneasy and heavy, something she knew on the stage and camouflaged well….Aditya opened the door of the van and before getting in looked straight into Nita’s eyes, “It’s you…..I recognise the touch…I heard you voice….I heard Kino everyday…I heard your name too. It’s you…I just hid it well.” Nita left him and ran back to her car.

Next day the local newspapers read, “Renowned hypnotherapist and socialite Dr. Nita Kishore moved in with his long rumoured actor boyfriend Siddhesh Singh. The couple patched up after 11 years after they decided to part ways over Nita aborting Siddhesh’s child to avoid ruining the upcoming actor’s career.” Aditya is now a normal child, guess he has overcome his fears and no longer thinks of them.

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